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News: Miranda Nemesis Update Released

By Admin on 2017-09-25 13:30:46
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Secret Lair Games, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Nemesis Update to The Imperial Realm::Miranda, a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game in the tradition of Command and Conquer.


With a single click, Nemesis Mode pits teams of players against one another in PvP battles in Miranda's huge seamless open world. Annihilation, the first Nemesis mode, tasks players with destroying the other team's buildings and rewards them with loot and bonus XP. Additional Nemesis modes including Assassination, Slaughter, Claustrophobia and Greed will follow in future updates.

Other additions in this first Early Access update include a new Mission List, Foundation Extensions which allow placing buildings on nearly any terrain, a faster and prettier map on which to plan battles, new sound effects, improvements to vendors, and more. A full list of changes can be found on the game's blog.


Secret Lair Games also announced additions to several Early Access packages this week, the full details can be found at The Imperial Realm::Miranda is available from

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