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News: It's Time to Play Tanks!

By Admin on 2017-05-10 12:33:05
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After seven years in development, Secret Lair Games' seamless open world real time strategy game The Imperial Realm::Miranda is now available for Early Access.

"When World of Warcraft came out in 2004, I was amazed by its huge world and immediately thought how fun it would be to play an RTS in a giant open world like that. I never imagined it would take 13 years for someone to make that game, or that I'd be theone to do it." - Robert Basler, lead developer.

To introduce players to the harsh challenges of Miranda's desolate environment, Secret Lair Games teamed with veteran composer and sound designer Benedict Nichols on an exciting new gameplay trailer.

Secret Lair Games will be holding a celebration play test weekend May 12-14 for all of its earliest Early Access supporters. The test weekend will run from Friday at 8pm to Sunday at midnight (GMT). Early Access packages start at just $5 and are available from


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