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News: First Teaser Trailer for Seamless Open-World RTS The Imperial Realm::Miranda

By Admin on 2017-02-15 17:21:25
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The Imperial Realm::Miranda is the first seamless open-world real-time strategy game. Build a base and fielda fighting force either by yourself, or with your friends, in an all-out war todominate Miranda, the devastated former capital planet of The Imperial Realm.

Secret Lair Games is celebrating the unprecedented scale and majesty of the setting for The Imperial Realm::Miranda's real-time strategy battles in the first teaser trailer for the game.

Secret Lair Games will be holding a free public play test weekend on February 24-26. The test weekend will run from Friday at noon to Sunday at midnight (Pacific time.) Players can sign up for the game's mailing list to take part in thetest. Invitations will be emailed on Monday February 20 with a link to retrieve the Secret Lair Code needed to play the game the following weekend.

We look forward to seeing you on Miranda, Commander.




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