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News: Avalon Lords Teaser Trailer

By Admin on 2013-12-11 13:11:32
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Learn more about Avalon Lords at, view the teaser trailer or read on for the press release. Avalon Lords was previously titled "Kingdom of Knights."

10th December 2013

Animus Interactive has released a new teaser featuring a short clip from its upcoming trailer of its title, Avalon Lords. Previously, Avalon Lords was in production under the name of Kingdom Of Knights however Animus have changed the title to one it feels better represents the games dark setting.

Avalon Lords is set to be a massively multi-player online real-time strategy game. It will feature cross-platform play between PC, Mac and Linux systems and players will be able to control and command their troops manually leading to a greater element of strategic play. In addition, Animus have promised to feature the ability to control a heroic character on the battlefield directly and engage in first person combat, which distances the title from other multiplayer real-time strategy games in the genre. The game will also feature several key elements of battle, including siege warfare, skirmishes and castle-building.

Avalon Lords will be launching as a buy to play title instead of using the free to play model. This means that potential players will buy the game to gain access and then receive future updates and fixes for free after launch. The game will also feature an in-game shop that will sell cosmetics for the players to use in the world on their castles or units.

The trailer can be found on vimeo at the following link:

For more information, interested parties can visit the official website at, or contact Animus Interactive's Public Relations Manager through email at klupo(at)animusinteractive (dot)com.

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