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News: MMORTS Kingdom Of Knights Opens Early Access Registration

By Kitsunami Lupo on 2013-08-08 11:49:33
Homepage: email:klupo at animusinteractive dot com

Kingdom Of Knights, the incredibly ambitious castle-building RTS has opened the doors to registration for its private alpha. Early access players gain a jump start over everybody else, so what better time to start forging your own kingdom in Avalon? Created by Animus Interactive and self-published, Kingdom Of Knights offers a unique mixture of siege warfare, castle-building, skirmishes and all out warfare between the emerging Knights of Avalon.

You can find the registration here, simply click on the registration page and enlist!

Create your own kingdom, forge alliances and destroy your enemies as you see fit in your quest to become the greatest lord of Avalon. As the lord of your people, whether you fight for freedom or become a tyrant, the choice is yours to make in this fantasy medieval MMO RTS.
Kingdom Of Knights will be launching as a free to play title, making use of an in game model of purchase that will allow players to buy aesthetics such as banners for their castle and army and different unit types to use in battle. These units will be carefully balanced so as to not provide an unfair advantage, all units will be counter-able with free to obtain units at launch.

For more information please visit or

About Animus Interactive:

Animus Interactive stems from the Latin word animus, which when translated turns into soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage. Our core focus has been a multitude of web technologies and services catering to those technologies.
We are located in NY and our company is taking the last twelve years of experience we have working with these technologies to create our first major title, Kingdoms Of Knights. This is to be our companies flagship title and entry to the world of video-game creation.

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