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News: "Siegeworks" Anouncement...Soon!

By szebus on 2012-08-09 02:37:56
Homepage: email:szeboro at gmail dot com

Really exciting news today!!! We are getting ready to announce the first Dawn of Fantasy expansion pack later this week. Most of the information will be made available with the press-release on Friday, including screenshots and features. However - this teaser post just won`t be complete without a small preview:)

Siegeworks expansion - as the name implies - focuses on bloody epic siege combat - greatly improving this part of Online Kingdom experience. Siegeworks will unleash an all out war on the realm as players engage in massive siege battles, fighting to control the major towns of the realm... A lot will change with this expansion pack! Meaningful late game, new quests, new units, new castles, new PvP modes...

Oh and the price for this expansion will be around $0.00

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