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News: Dawn of Fantasy Spring Break Sale

By Admin on 2012-03-26 20:58:59
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Spring break was last week, but whatever... Get Dawn of Fantasy for %50 off until April 1! Read on for the release...

Toronto, Canada - March 26, 2012 - Just in time for Spring Break, Reverie World Studios has slashed the sales price of its innovative PC MMORTS, Dawn of Fantasy. For a limited time, players can download the game directly from the developers' website ( ) for only $14.99! By taking advantage of this very special sale, players will receive lifetime access to the game's premier Online Kingdom mode, a "welcome basket" of free bonus content, and access to weekly patches and regular feature updates!

This limited time offer is available only until April 1st.

Players will save $15 off the original price and receive a free unique "Haunter Dragon" unit and two free battalions of rare Dwarven mercenaries - all of which can be redeemed in-game to add these units to your online forces. This amounts to nearly $30 in savings, and with Dawn of Fantasy's subscription-free model and earnable Market points, you will receive an unlimited gameplay experience for the one-time low cost of $14.99!

But the savings don't end here - invite a friend and receive even more bonus content! Reverie World has recently announced a Referral Program for Dawn of Fantasy. For each friend referred, the referrer will receive an elite "Ice Dragon" unit and 120 Influence points (a $10 value) redeemable as in-game Market currency.

Stay up to date with the latest game assets and information at the official website: and Facebook page:

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