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News: Dawn of Fantasy Siege Update

By Admin on 2011-11-23 09:32:37
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Dawn of Fantasy splits with their publisher, but adds new siege warfare features just a month after release. Read on for the press releases.

Toronto, Canada November 22, 2011 - One month following Dawn of Fantasys release, the games developer, Reverie World Studios, and publisher, 505 Games, can look back with pride. Together, we have released a very ambitious game localized into six languages and sold worldwide. However, after negotiations between the two parties, Reverie World Studios and 505 Games have agreed that a split would be in the best interest of the project and the community. Reverie World will continue to hold the players interests above all else and we believe that this move will greatly benefit the longevity of the game and the player community. Reverie World will be taking some deadline-free time to better assure the quality of the game before shifting work to new features and downloadable content. In addition, with the developers now receiving all the games revenue, Reverie World Studios will have the financial stability to expand and continuously support Dawn of Fantasy for years to come.

Originally established as a small indie company, Reverie World sought to create quality games for the players, from the players. For after all, as Executive Producer Konstantin Fomenko points out, our commitment is not to some transnational corporation, but to you, our fans. With this new move, Reverie will be able to cut back the barriers and transparency, and bring an unparalleled level of dev/fan communication to the gaming world. We will now be interacting directly with our fans at every level from making the game you want to play, to marketing, to retail, to customer service, to game maintenance, to community events.

The road ahead of Reverie World is, no doubt, full of twists and turns but we are confident that Dawn of Fantasy will emerge stronger and better as a result of each trial. However, its in moments like this when we reach out to our fans the most: If you like the game, please tell your friends; If you have any suggestions for how we can improve as a studio or for how Dawn of Fantasy can improve as a game, we would love to hear from you.

Dawn of Fantasy is truly blessed to have the most amazing fans in the world, and we will always seek to uphold the same level of support that our fans have given us over these many years!

Best regards,

Reverie World Studios,

An Independent Studio

Toronto, Canada November 23, 2011 - You`ve built your town, fought many wars, slain countless armies, and brought glory to your realm through the campaigns, but now Dawn of Fantasy will put your skill to the ultimate test as war is coming to the place you once thought sacred - your homeland. Reverie World Studios is proud to announce another epic feature addition to Dawn of Fantasy - Town Siege PvP battles. Players will now be able to take on other player strongholds for the first time, engaging in epic siege warfare with hundreds of units on the battlefield in a fast-paced high-stakes environment! Is your town ready for the onslaught?

Dawn of Fantasy brings the best in siege combat to the MMO and RTS genres. Immerse yourself in the dynamic online world of Mythador and roam the world with trade convoys, scouts, and massive armies. Recruit fire-breathing dragons and dwarven technology for a truly enviable force. Set up army camps anywhere in the game world, ravage local NPC villages and citadels, and challenge nearby player armies to guard your territory. And, for the first time ever, take the war to the enemy by attacking their homeland.

At the enemy players homeland, attacking armies must fight their way through multiple layers of walls with the brute force of ogres, walking woods, and heavy siege, defend their troops against fiery arrows, great trebuchets, and man-eating plants, and battle hundreds of enemy units before coming face to face with the towns commander to reign supreme.

In addition, the Siege Warfare patch includes an expansion to unit development. A new RPG-style levelling system allows you to customize your soldiers in any way you desire. This improved system will increase the maximum level cap from 10 to 20. After levelling up a battalion or hero on the battlefield, players will now be awarded with skill points that can be spent on any of 8-10 unique stats, depending on the unit. Together, these new levels and skills will add a new level of RPG-style micromanagement to Dawn of Fantasy's mechanics.

Dawn of Fantasy is proud to offer some of the most elaborate and bloodiest siege combat seen in the RTS genre to date - do you have what it takes?

Stay tuned for Dawn of Fantasy next additions - brand new pathfinding and unit combat behavior systems, complex alliances, and six-player PvP matches. Reverie has also begun work on a number of community events and promotions planned for the next two months. Here`s to the fun holidays ahead!

Stay up to date with the latest game assets and information at the official website: and Facebook page

About Reverie World Studios, INC.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Reverie World Studios is set to take full advantage of the rapidly expanding market for interactive entertainment media. Boasting a next-generation game engine, a completed MMORTS - Dawn of Fantasy, and a team of talented and experienced designers, the scene is set for Reverie to become a leading Canadian exporter of interactive media and retain a concentrated talent pool capable of pushing the boundaries of the industry.

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