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News: Curious MMORTS Promotion

By Admin on 2011-10-16 17:08:10
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Terra Militaris (a browser based 'MMORTS') apparently not fun enough to play on its own merit, is offering customers the chance to win Dell Netbooks for playing the game.

Read on for the press release.

Terra Militaris New Servers Open

Race to the top of the new server and win a Dell Netbook

Gala Networks Europe announced that new servers for its historical browser based MMORTS, Terra Militaris, have gone live for all four language versions of the game, giving an opportunity for new players to participate in the challenge to rule the brand new game world, as well as allowing experienced players to get a fresh start where they can optimize their strategies, try out new civilizations and reach top positions in the diverse rankings. All servers will host events which will include prizes worth up to a total of 8500 Euros, which include numerous powerful in-game items, such as unique heroes for their campaigns, and a top prize of one of three Dell Netbooks.

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