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News: Battle Pirates - MMORTS on Facebook

By Admin on 2011-10-02 11:15:10
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This is sort of interesting, they are calling their game Battle Pirates a MMORTS, and you play it on Facebook.

I didn't try it though, I don't want them to send me emails. Fail.

By Mr.gangbusters on 2011-11-11 05:17:49
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I'm not sure how you could call it a fail without giving it a try but whatever. Battle Pirates is one of the only mmorts that I can find online that I actually enjoy. It has about 900,000 players and they can all be found on the same world which is divided into sectors, since it is and island game the world has basically been turned into an endless ocean where battle ships are used as your main means of combat. Players are able to send their fleets to attack other players islands or to fight for control over resource extractors across the map.the game is not text based and you can actually control your fleet in combat which is quite a nice twist.One major downfall is the game is a facebook game with a store that lets you waste your real life money away,however, unlike other facebook games this one DOES NOT SEND YOU EMAILS. another nice thing is that people can only spend their money on buying extra resources and speeding upgrades along, they cannot buy exclusive items (such as better weapons) that give them advantages over those who don't wish to pay and in my opinion it is extremely over priced so barely anyone dumps money into the game( one weapons upgrade could cast like $7 real cash).
By Admin on 2011-11-14 17:16:37
Homepage: email:admin at mmorts dot com
Their desire to spam me caused me to not complete the signup process. There was no other option to enable me to play the game. Their signup process prevented a potential customer who was interested enough in to visit their website to try their game. That's why I call it a fail.

Let me play, then ask me if they can send me email. Give me information about what you plan to send, then maybe I'll consider it. I recieve over 6,000 spam email a week. They gave me no reason to add to that number.

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