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News: Warspire Fantasy Collectible RTS Invitational Alpha

By Admin on 2011-10-02 10:52:33
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Press release:

Silverlode Interactive, developers of Warspire, an upcoming Collectible RTS title for PC/MAC, have set a date for the game's invitational Alpha. On (DATE), Warspire will open its doors to a limited number of Alpha test accounts for server stress testing and game balancing. Compatible with PC/Mac/Linux systems.

Players accepted as Alpha Testers will have opportunity to communicate with the Silverlode Interactive developer team and directly influence the creation and implementation of upcoming game features. Players can sign up now at to be placed in the Alpha queue.

Warspire is a persistent real-time-strategy title set in the rich fantasy world of the popular MMORTS, SAGA. Players battle online with armies amassed through collectible gameplay. The game is free to play, thanks to this unique collectible dynamic. In lieu of subscription fees, users can enhance their armies by purchasing additional troops. This allows players to customize their forces for endless strategic possibilities. The game also features special faction-specific hero units which have special abilities, level up, and maintain their progress between matches.

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