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News: Picaroon Nations Challenge Game

By Admin on 2011-08-06 11:28:43
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Press release...

Cambridge, England - Nice Technology Ltd, developers of the pirate-themed MMORTS game Picaroon, invites you all to compete in a special month long challenge game. Called the 'Nations' Challenge' we aim to find out which nation is the biggest bunch of pirates! In this global battle, players are encouraged to recruit friends/allies to help lead their home nation to victory! National pride is at stake, so don't delay - join now!

Doubloon prizes (Picaroon Virtual Money) will be awarded to the members of winning Alliance:

1st place within winning alliance: 5,000 DB
2nd place within winning alliance: 2,000 DB
3rd place within winning alliance: 1,000 DB
Members of winning alliance: 300 DB each

About Picaroon

Picaroon is a persistent real-time strategy game set on a water world of the future where empires hold on to what land they can with vast sea battles. Start with one island, gather resources to construct fleets and explore the open oceans to find new territories. Some will be deserted and others occupied by pirates, allies or enemies. Choose your tactics and any specials (virtual cards that give extra defensive and offensive capabilities) that you might have amassed and expand your empire through diplomacy and... other methods!.

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