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News: Beyond Protocol Back Story Part 4

By Admin on 2008-11-07 01:15:29
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Read on for the fourth installment...

The missing Gifford McCray and wormholes, huh? Isnt that something? Oh, I bet I forgot to mention, that one was classified. The elders dont like anyone readin that one unless theyre gonna do what youre gonna do, and of course doin what I do, I need to have read it. They never did find out what happened to him and his rouge crew, and that might have been for the best. After that little incident, the officials of the time became real careful about who knew about wormholes at all. This next ones a bit different than the rest. Its not from some scientist, or ship captain, its the entire journal of a factory manager, but dont worry its only 7 entries! His name was Tom Angus, and he wrote this at the time of the first Galactic War.

The journal of Tom Angus

March 1st, 3550 TE

Alright, Ill start off by saying, this was not my idea. My therapist told me it might help with my stress level Honestly, I think it might help more if the whole system wasnt getting attacked every few days! Whats worse is that the enemy seems to be in the habit of leaving no survivors, so we dont have any idea where they are or how to stop em. Because of all this, the factory has been in constant production of weapons and armor. The team is overworked and the equipment is dated and in need of replacing. So, sure, writing in a little book might help me vent, but if all these other problems went away, that would probably help more!

March 8th, 3550 TE

I heard yesterday that two more systems came under attack, Alathfar and Yvelad, and it fit the same mo as whats going on here. Those systems are both clear across the known galaxy in different directions! Whoever or whatever these guys are, theyve got reach

Well, there was one good thing that happened this week. The factory got an overhaul and now weve got more power, more production capacity, and a little extra storage. I think thatll just mean well have a higher daily quota, but with the increased capacity, were hiring some more operators, and the team is fairly happy about that. Anything to raise moral!

March 15th, 3550 TE

Another slew of colonies have been leveled, this time it was in Fadlar. Something has to be done. The divided nations spread in various corners of the galaxy are starting to realize that this problem wont just go away. The news channels have reported a few meetings discussing a giant alliance, if for nothing else then just to put a stop to these monsters. I really hope thats the case, theres no point in remaining independent nations if we all end up dying We could use some technologic influence as well. Im seeing what were sending out to the battlefield and its the same old stuff weve been making for years.

March 22nd, 3550 TE

The news channels have been squawking non stop for the past few days. On Tuesday, all feed went dead for about 30 seconds and suddenly a robed representative, looking very much like a religious zealot, claimed to represent a group called The Four Horsemen. He claimed they were from Cursa originally and that they were responsible for these unknown attacks and called for the surrender of the entire galaxy! That would explain a few things, first, Cursa and the near by Sargas went silent centuries ago without any sign of why. Expeditionary teams recently went to repopulate those worlds, and all they found was rubble. Second, it seems their entire civilization is wholly geared towards conquest and destruction, so their knack for leaving no survivors is a form of devotion, not simply a battle tactic. Of course this was enough to get the politicians to agree, finally, that they had to do something. On Thursday, the Galactic Alliance was announced, with the sole intent of ridding the galaxy of this threat. They stated their confidence in being a larger force than that of the 4H, which is the charming abbreviation now used by the media Along with this announcement they said that, with a name to pursue, spies were successful in locating several 4H bases around the galaxy. Im not entirely convinced that they can, but I certainly hope they will bring these malevolent psychopaths to justice!

March 29th, 3550 TE

After nearly a week of constant engagements, and a near doubling of our quota at the factory, no end seems to be in sight of this conflict. I have a good friend who works in central intelligence, who probably shouldnt have told me this; Jamie is the only name I feel comfortable writing down. He says, for every five of our ships, we manage to bring down one of theirs. He did say though, that they dont seem to be producing new ships. So its possible that once we grind them down enough, they wont be able to keep up with our production. Im thinking of telling my crew that, I think it would really help raise spirits, but I need to do that without telling them how I know I wouldnt want to get Jamie in trouble. Hes got a wife and kids

April 5th, 3550 TE

Unbelievable! Apparently the information Jamie gave me was dead on. The Galactic Alliance hit a bunch of production facilities and 4H was forced to retreat. That is the problem though, they only retreated, but that means weve had 3 days without an attack. A year ago, that might not be so unbelievable, but weve been under constant attack ever since these guys showed up. Maybe that means theyre really gone! Production around here hasnt slowed at all though. I think everyone wants to be sure were prepared if they do come back. On the other hand, moral is high! I can already feel the stress peeling away. If this keeps up, I wont need to vent to a book!

April 12th, 3550 TE

Well, it has been a week, and production has been cut back to prewar levels and everyones pretty happy again. The 4H must have returned to whatever hole that they crawled out of. The news casters, Jamie as well, are pretty convinced that they didnt go back to Cursa. All sorts of rumors are flying as to the origins and even the embodiment of the four. Some people, and a few of the broadcasters, seem convinced that they came to Cursa from the fabled Pluto colony. The common theory is that Pluto is a utopia, as we have been told by the occasional, Ive been to Pluto! nuts. However, with the latest events, I think opinion is starting to swing towards the possibility that the isolationists went crazy

Ive also heard a few of my workers say they dont think that the 4H leaders were human, only their followers. I tend not to buy into theories about aliens, humanity has been flying around the galaxy for almost two millennia now and has yet to see anything non human capable of little more than making a nest. Id believe theyre no longer human, some sort of mechanical or elevated human but Im not going to tell anyone that Maybe I should erase that last line

All of that aside, Im feeling much better, so Im going to tell the shrink to take a hike! Ha, that makes me feel a lot better! Unless the 4H come back, I think thisll be my last entry here.

- Tom Angus, 3504 - 3587 TE

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