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Shattered Galaxy
Platform(s): PC
Genre: RTS
Status: Released
Year: 2001
Pricing: $0/$9.95
Publisher: Kru Interactive
Become a military tactician trying to secure dominance throughout a massive persistent universe.  Battle on your own, or for the glory of your nation as your character gains rank, prestige, wealth, land and more.
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Someone Still Playing Shattered Galaxy - 2008-07-17 22:13:36 (0 comments)
This guy still really likes it.
Shattered Galaxy Summer Tournament - 2008-07-13 11:39:05 (0 comments)
The Shattered Galaxy summer tournament will be held this August for 64 teams of elite heroes. Additional details to follow.
Shattered Galaxy June Reincarnation Event - 2008-06-08 11:21:19 (0 comments)
The June Reincarnation is scheduled for June 13th, 2008. The sign-up for this event is now open in the War Room at Also in the War Room, you ...
Shattered Galaxy Glory Battle Event 2008 - 2008-04-28 22:48:22 (0 comments)
Running April 24 through May 5 on Shattered Galaxy, Elite heroes will be able to vie for medals by participating in big battles. Watch out cheaters, they have ...
Shattered Galaxy March Reincarnation Event - 2008-03-09 11:48:01 (0 comments)

The March Reincarnation is scheduled for March 14, 2008. The sign-ups for this event are now open in the Warroom at Also ...
Fragmented Galaxy MMORTS in Development - 2007-10-18 19:06:04 (6 comments)
We know about the Shattered Galaxy name conflict now, however when it was named we didn't. To make the difference more clear we may rename it, or modify the ...
what have you done to the site? - 2007-05-29 23:13:25 (12 comments)
Good concept. I hate having to create a login to make random posts. :o)

For some reason the header of each post is bothering me, probably because when the ...
One of the better MMORTS? - 2005-11-01 05:17:02 (8 comments)
I dont think you can have a real MMORTS game without having role playing in it.
In some sense you are the person in charge of your army whether it be 48 Units ...
One of the better MMORTS? - 2005-10-30 05:18:08 (8 comments)
I'm a little biased with Shattered Galaxy.
I've been playing it for over five years so naturally its my favorite game.

Its something I've never really got bored ...
Free MMORTS - how can it be done - 2005-10-29 14:52:21 (14 comments)


Shattered Galaxy used to be pay only with a 14-day free trial but they changed over to free accounts recently. In my opinion, SG is a fun game but ...

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