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The Far Reaches of Space
Platform(s): PC
Genre: Space RTS
Status: Dead
Pricing: Free Beta
Developer: Specware Inc.
Publisher: Specware, Inc.
The Far Reaches of Space is a game where you start with a single ship, and expand, controlling countless ships. The concept is that your fleet continues about its business, even when you're not actively in the game. All players exist in the single universe. Their ships continue making credits, protecting space, and keep going, even when they are offline. Each ship is capable of executing detailed instructions until its owner tells it otherwise.
The Far Reaches of Space 1.4.3 update - 2008-06-08 11:25:21 (0 comments)
Many new changes in 1.4.3 and a universe reset is coming in July. Read on for the full details.
The Far Reaches of Space-HUGE updates! - 2008-05-22 05:55:54 (2 comments)
Now you can not only do everything you could before with owning and controlling your own ships, whole fleets, and doing whatever you want with them...

you can ...
Far Reaches of Space News - 2008-04-01 23:01:12 (0 comments)
The Far Reaches of Space have redone their website, as well as made some improvements to the game reducing memory use by 80% and increasing frame rates by up ...
The Far Reaches of Space Expand - 2008-03-15 13:22:12 (0 comments)
FRS have expanded the galaxy, added some combat improvements and a ship editor.
Far Reaches of Space Beta - 2008-02-05 22:28:14 (0 comments)
A MMORTS in development, Far Reaches of Space is looking for a few beta testers. Registration is free, but free players are limited to 5 ships and the maximum ...

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