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Defacto-War, Commander In Chief
Platform(s): PC
Genre: RTS
Status: Dead
Pricing: £10GBP/20 acres
Developer: Guevara Studios
Publisher: Guevara Studios
Defacto War, Commander In Chief, is a PC based MMORTS that allows the gamer to build an online community with only one objective, to become the ruler of the United States of America. The gamer will begin by buying land and then: build a community and interact with other gamers, Build a house, town, city or state within a state, Build yourself a military superstate, create an economic superstate, Join with other user communities to form powerful alliances and trading blocks against other states, Take on the present government either with your own city state or combine with other states, Conduct military coups against the present defacto government or rival states. Claim a Defacto State(s) in your own name and vision. Bring your version of democracy to the United States of America.
Defacto Wars, Commander In Chief MMORTS announced - 2007-12-09 23:34:08 (0 comments)
Feel like rewriting modern-day US history? Buy your patch of land and set up a community - in Defacto Wars you could be Commander In Chief of the USA. This ...

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