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By Admin on 2013-11-19 23:47:45
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The Imperial Realm :: Miranda is a 3D, massively multiplayer online real time strategy game in the tradition of Command and Conquer. Build a base and field a fighting force either by yourself, or with your friends, in an all-out war to dominate the devestated capital planet of Miranda in The Imperial Realm.

Miranda will be available on Microsoft Windows in 2014.


  • Build your base, harvest resources, then build your forces to take over the world.
  • Single-shard design. Play with a friend (or a thousand) all in the same world simultaneously.
  • Massive, seamless 300x300KM game world.
  • Huge PvP battles, play with your friends, or against them.
  • Customize your units with hundreds of upgradable components.
  • Fully 3D downloadable game client.

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By Dondergod on 2013-12-28 13:38:49
Homepage: email:kostiaan2 at hotmail dot com
So, I wanted to post this text on the gamepage, but for some reason it refused to do so. So here it is:

Hiya, So a true MMORTS is something I have been looking for a very very long time. This game could be it. I found the link on, which I have been following for quite a while.

I do have a few questions, I don't know if you can answer them for me.

1. When you go offline, your units and buildings will stay on the map, can people keep assaulting you? Will there be perhaps any AI to defend your base?

2. When you start the game, do you get assigned a starting area from which you can build your base, or can you build freely on the entire map? (meaning you could have mines spread out everywhere)

3. Can you 'win' the game or war? A lot of MMO's start to bore me very fast, because there is no real goal. I love to be able to 'win' a game. Just to have it completely restart afterwards, for the sake of everyone starting with even chance again. I wouldn't mind if it would take 2 year to get those goals, but simply having the possibility, is a great motivating factor for me.

I have a lot more questions and am really interested in what this game will look like. Picaroon is the only other MMORTS that really deserved the name MMORTS so far. It was a great game, but it lacked players, I hope that will be different here.

I posted a link on the forums of a group I play a lot with, I hope that once it comes out, they will join this game as well.
By The Imperial Realm on 2014-01-09 11:55:42
Homepage: email:info at secretlairgames dot com
Hi Dondergod, I can certainly answer them for you...

1) When you go offline, your buildings and units disappear after 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds you are at other player's mercy, so you may not want to log off when you're under attack.

2) You choose where to build your base, the plan is to suggest a location near people to play with, but the locations of your bases is up to you.

3) There are no plans for server wipes. I'm not completely ready to talk about this aspect of the game yet.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, sorry it took so long for me to notice these ones.

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