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News: Battleforge first game to support DirectX 11

By Admin on 2009-10-08 22:52:25
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BattleForge players will now experience unparalleled graphic performance and even richer visuals including DirectX 11 specific features like high definition ambient occlusion (HDAO).

"BattleForge is one of EA's first Play4Free games and being able to support DirectX 11, this is another significant first for the title," said Ben Cousins, General Manager of BattleForge and Battlefield Heroes at Electronic Arts. "The enhanced capabilities of DirectX 11 and the new AMD cards combine with the depth and intensity of BattleForge to create an experience which is truly unmatched in the Play4Free space."

"By delivering the first DirectX 11 game, the team at Phenomic is demonstrating its commitment to the many fans of BattleForge," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager, Products Group, AMD. "When matched with our cutting-edge DirectX 11 graphics hardware, the jump to DirectX 11 helps ensure an improved game experience both in terms of performance and image quality."

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