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News: Beyond Protocol Open Beta

By Admin on 2008-09-28 01:57:50
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Beyond Protocol is now in Open Beta. Now you may ask yourself, what is Beyond Protocol? Who developed it? Whats a beta and how do I sign up for one? Whats this I see about Preordering? Is preorder actually a word, or is it just something the mass media has made up to take my money? Allow this article to calm your mind as each topic is described in detail for you.

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What is Beyond Protocol? Its a new video game categorized as an MMORTS. Some of the nice people at actually took a look at it a while back in this article from Gen Con Indy. Inside the game, each player is a leader of their own civilization, complete with the options to wage war, conduct research, carry out espionage, engage in trade, and exercise diplomacy. Other games tend to focus on one or two of these aspects, but in Beyond Protocol they have been intertwined to form a game where players will want to seek out friends and allies with skills that counterbalance their own. This gives the game much less of a perpetual tank rush feel, and much more of a community development and empire simulation feel. However, thats only the beginning of the description. Jump over to and check out the gallery and forums to learn more. Then register and sign up for the beta to get in!

Who developed Beyond Protocol? That would be Dark Sky Entertainment, an independent, but highly focused and driven gaming company. The company centers on two brothers, James and Matthew Campbell. Both are avid board game, sci-fi, and general IT aficionados, however, the company has grown to include many hard core gamers and otherwise likeminded employees. A result of the companys desire to keep in touch with its player base is the Galactic Senate, embedded within the game. This feature allows players to propose and vote on modifications and additions to the game. If youve ever thought to yourself, I wish I could while playing an MMO, this is the feature youve been waiting for.

Whats a beta? A beta is whats run before a game is released to the public so that the developers can work out the kinks and get feed back at the same time. There are undoubtedly those that knew this before reading this article, but for those who just learned something, worry not! A beta takes all experience types to be successful. Now, where do I sign up? Simply go here to register and once youre logged in to the site, go here to sign up for the beta! Dark Sky Entertainment will let you know what to do from there.

Whats this I see about Preordering? This is a way for interested gamers to assure their involvement with this new game as soon as possible. Is preorder really a word? Yes, however google defines it as A binary relation that is reflexive and transitive, that is not exactly what it means here. In this context it refers to the act of ordering something before it is officially on sale, which may be an overcomplicated explanation of a self explanatory word. In any case, as far as it being a mass marketing tool bent only on taking your money, nothing could be farther from the truth! When you preorder Beyond Protocol, several options that will ultimately save you money become available. The first is immediate and permanent access to the beta, so you dont need to worry about loosing your seat and you can play the game without further costs, until it goes live. The second is the /played option. Any preordered beta account with more than 10 days of logged play time (visible by typing /played into the games chat system) before October 31st of 2008, will qualify for half price on quarterly subscriptions for the life of the account. Thats 15 USD for 3 months of play! On top of that, the first months subscription is included, there is a choice of a special preorder only hull, and you get to start the live and permanent game on the 20th of November 2008, rather than the 21st when the public gains access to it. All of this, for the standard cost of a new game, 49.95 USD.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions, and leaves you better prepared to make a decision. For more information, please visit Beyond Protocols home page or to speak to a customer service representative, simply follow the instructions here.

By Admin on 2008-10-05 11:12:59
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By concerned consumer on 2008-10-10 10:26:27
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This game is brutally unpolished and game breaking bugs have been languishing in their open bug tracker for months. Do not pre-order this without playing the beta first!

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