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Topic: A game that is NOT for people who Play often!

By Astral on 2007-09-08 09:23:56
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This game is really a fun type of game. However it has a serious Achilles heel, You only have so many turns to do your thing in. Everything takes turns, from moving your people around from town to town or your Expedition. It takes turns to build things in your cities.

If you like to travel around the map with your Expedition to kill all the spawned mobs you will eat up all of your turns in a single day.

This game is for less than moderate players... it is for the one day a week warrior. Or 1 hour a day warriors. I play for more than 1 hour a day and thats just a turn off for a person like me! 1 hour a day cleaning up your Patria (your personal plot of land), managing towns, research, and you can live high on the hog just like someone who plays 6 hours every day! There are ways to improve turn wasting actions but even if they gave someone like me 5 times the amount of moves to make I could still burn through them in 6 hours. If you are a perfectionist type player in RTS then you need avoid this game like the plague... you will not have the turns needed to make everything look perfect! For those of you who like the challenge in Managment more than anything... then here might be your game.

Stay logged out of the game and you can build up bonus points so that when you log back in you will gain additional points from RTS battles.

There is one benefit to this game, due to its play style and if you have the extra cash each month you can get a subscription while still playing another MMO and use this for that get away relief. You really wont be punished for not playing all that long.
By Astral on 2007-09-08 09:31:45
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I did not notice at first that this forum was not specific to the game Dreamlords.

This post is regarding that game!

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