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Topic: Win that War!

By Dondergod on 2017-04-05 04:29:43
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A new MMORTS is coming out in just 2 days!
The game is called 'Win that War!'.

The game is set upon 1 or more planets. Players can join one of the many sectors that planet holds. You can join any sector at any time you want to. A sector can hold up to 9 players (3vs3vs3).

Once you have pushed off the enemy out of a sector, the sector remains active. You can keep building your forces up and make a strong defensive position. The enemy can still simply jump into the sector you are controlling to fight over it. They will receive a small base which they can use to try and contest you.

A player starts with 2 'armies' meaning you can be active in 2 sectors at the same time. However you can get up to 6 or 8 armies. That way you can leave 5 of them to protect an area, while you use 1 army offensive.

While the game is instance based, the instances are very dynamic, as you can jump into them at any time. You are truly fighting a war together therefore turning this into one of the most true MMORTS games I have seen so far.

The game will be released on steam.

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