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Topic: Call of Roma Review

By Shane on 2013-04-01 13:39:19
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Call of Roma ( is probably the best pvp MMORTS online. A modification of Caesary, Call of Roma allows players to travel back to the times of the Roman Empire by building castles, organizing troops and fighting enemies. A pvp game with many non pvp elements most players will join a league for protection, growth, as well as for social factors.

Early in the game it is best to follow the quests which are laid out before you in the tabs at the top of the page. Since this game has been active for quite some time now, new players are rewarded with an additional newcomer pack with various items to help them compete against established players, and become valuable assets to the leagues which they join.

As you learn the game you will become familiar with different types of troops, equipment, traits, tactics and other strategies. The game can become very involved, even addictive. Not to worry, as CallofRoma itself is neverending players can truce, protecting their cities from attack while offline. As one grows and develop their fighting skills they can maraud and even colonize other cities, increasing productivity and wealth. is the best server for this game, English based, but players of many nationalities are active with a large Spanish/Portugese speaking contingent. Unlike the other host site of this game, this server is free of bots and does not have sleazy advertising campaigns (if you've been exposed to such). There are league and world chats, world chats being moderated for a family friendly and positive gaming experience. And best of all the game is free, very serious players can choose to buy from an Item Mall. See you there.

PS: I am not an owner nor do I have any money invested in this game, etc.. I'm just a player who feels more people should know of this game. Thanks. -Shane

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