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Topic: Space Discovery

By Vraig on 2013-02-01 03:46:23
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what do you think of Space Discovery (

Here is the discription of the Game:

Space Discovery A Strategic Online Game

Travel the milkstreet in this virtual browser-based strategy game. Build mighty bulwarks on other planets and swing up to the masters of mankind ...

In the space browser game Space Discovery you enter a new world of mystery and adventure. You start off in the distant future in a more distant galaxy. As the leader of a small part of humanity, it is in your job now to colonize the known universe and to ensure appropriate protection of your subordinates. Life in space is dangerous!

Build an impressive base and defend them with all the means that are at your disposal. Only then will you be successful in Space Discovery. Before beginning, choose for which faction you want to argue in Space Discovery. Of this choice also depends who will soon be encountered as a friend and enemy in the far reaches of the galaxy. Other groups want a large a slice of the cake, too. So choose your allies and take on your opponents well prepared. Several types of buildings and a range of different units are available for your aim. Decide how to use the resources in the best and most effective available way. Whether helicopters or armored vehicles - It's up to you how you want to move forward in Space Discovery. Gradually you capture more new bases of other players and broaden your sphere of influence. But remember to secure always your supremacy, otherwise early successes will transform in late defeats.

Can you use every option for your advantage? Then the way to a glorious future is close.

What is really cool in the game?

- Build alliances

- share units and recources with friends

- fight with strangers against bigger opponents

- with a bigger highscore youll recieve free credits

Are you interested in this game? Any failure found? Anything good and you want to post it here instead of the ingame forum?
By Admin on 2013-02-26 00:38:23
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Is there an English version?

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