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Topic: SAGA Kingdoms on Kickstarter

By Cecil Arcelle on 2012-10-14 17:33:02
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If anyone remembers SAGA Online, the MMORTS by Silverlode Interactive, and has fond memories of what it tried to accomplish -- even though it fizzled out towards the end due to development issues, you might be interested in hearing that they are developing a revamped version on the Unity Engine titled SAGA Kingdoms. They currently have a Kickstarter out (, and the new features compared to the old SAGA seem rather neat. Plus, players that spent money on the old game get the same amount of in-game credit in the new one!

So far, from what I can tell, the game features customizable units, heroes, PvE focused combat, a conquerable map for PvP to be added later, PC MAC and Linux play, and the six factions that SAGA launched with.

If you've never heard of SAGA, it was a game where users could purchase booster packs and then those boosters held the units for RTS combat. It was a neat idea, but the mechanic made it difficult to build a good army without spending ridiculous amounts of money. From what I can tell, the new hero mechanic fixes that as you won't need a single card for every unit. If you're interested, the original SAGA can be found at It's not very active, but it's worth it just to try :)

I'm hoping for good things from SAGA this time around. Once you looked past the flaws of the game, it was actually quite good.

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