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By ariesxw on 2012-10-13 10:10:41
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Well, Ive gotten use to all the f2p online games, and god have they taken a dive. My latest rant is about a game called GREPOLIS. Its amazing that it literally takes a WEEK of timers before you can even start to play. On top of that, chances are, as soon as that week is up, someone is gunna grab your city. So, basicly if your idea is to play without buying "gold", all you can really do is watch timers endlessly as someone takes your work away. The worst part is, the Grepolis staff fully admits this on their own forum, while simultaneously denying it when you submit a help ticket.

Okay but when your just watching timers, isnt there something else to keep you busy? No, no there isnt.

Okay but how much does gold cost? Rough average is $1 us per 100 gold. Speed ups are in a /2 basis, and it costs 25 gold to do this. All other things roughly cost 100 gold.

Cant you just truce? No, your cities can be taken anytime by anyone. Its like they expect a 24 hour commitment. Someone needs to explain to them, players who mall usually have one thing players who play for free dont, and thats a job.

Over all the game is just very tedious. I wouldnt bother starting it if you are not willing to spend $500 + right off the bat. And, chances are, your going to loose that investment with no remorse from the staff who wont even transfer remaining "gold" to a different game.

This is a long standing system of companies that beta test garbage at their customers expense. The only thing that makes me happy is I believe in Karma, as to say, you reap what you sow. My example of this is, you know anyone who actually bought a Galaxy S? No? Its cause they have an IPhone.

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