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Topic: Warring Factions - Browser based Space MMO

By Gemini on 2010-06-28 05:39:14
Homepage: email:elite_gemini_gamer at yahoo dot com

A notoriously addictive free real-time strategy game played in a browser.

* Detailed colony management that includes for every individual colony its own economical model, taxes, laws, infrastructure and buildings.
* A completely open technology research system, with millions of combinations and a unique result every time.
* Intelligent battle logic that is more than just an addition and subtraction. Every ship is matched up against the other in a complex battle algorithm, ensuring that strategy can defeat brute force.
* Several factions to choose from, to fit your play style. Each one attracts a certain kind of player, and each side has its own flavor and strategy.
* Player run empires that can cross factions, creating interesting diplomatic challenges and strategies.
* Fully player-customizable space ships, from the drive down to the type of armor and how much you use.
* Regular expansion to the game: Often several updates a day.
* A truly 3-D universe viewable in VRML, HTML, or plain text, boasting over a million planets and a hundred thousand systems.

Its a fantastic strategy game I have been playing for years. Game plays out in 'rounds' that last for 6-8 months or sometimes longer. We just started a new round.

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