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Topic: Time Of Defiance Free 2 Play?

By Tod on 2009-08-31 17:14:09
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I went to the TOD website and I noticed something you might wanna see.

"Time of Defiance is now FREE to play! 19/08/2009 11:51:18

As a thank you to our community for all your support over the years we have now made Time of Defiance FREE to play. Yes, thats correct, no more monthly subscriptions, no more time limited demo accounts, you can play in all our games for FREE!

Over the last couple of years the development team here at Nice has been extremely busy producing a new game for the BBC. During this period we have been unable to give Time of Defiance the attention and updates it deserves. The good news is that we are now working on a number of new games that were sure you will be interested in.

More news and discussions to follow via forum.

Thanks for playing!"

Check for the whole thing just wanted to let everyone know whats up.

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