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By Brone on 2009-02-27 21:27:01
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As disclosure, this was posted by someone who gets paid to promote the game via I've removed the paid link and replaced it with the game homepage.

- Admin.

A new game called Galaxy Online has launched yesterday, I think its best to describe it as a cross between EVE and Sins of a solar empire.

It takes the galactic conquering, planet colonization, resource building and fleet formations of Sins and meshes it with a massive universe, persistent world, custom ship building, and corp oriented play of EVE.

The game is free, and it is more like a very advanced web based game (aka small download client and 2d graphics). Dont be fooled into thinking its sucky just because its not a 3d game, I have been playing since last night and it is very entertaining.

I am now almost to the point where I will be able to leave my home galaxy (no one can enter so its a safe zone) and expand my empire. Its fun looking at the galaxy map and looking at all the various galaxies and picking one to settle down in next.

The setup of the actual world (universe) is very interesting, all of the factions (6 possible player + 1 npc pirate) start in there own little nook of the universe with low rated (1 or 2 star rated) galaxies. Then in the middle is the huge clump with amazingly 3-5 star rated galaxies and I am sure are going to lead to some epic player vs player fights for control.

Give it a shot you have nothing to lose, Here Is the Main Website.

I recommend you also view the Noobie Guide and doing the beginner quests as they will get you up on your feet!

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