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Topic: Space driven games

By Marchon Robinson on 2008-06-10 09:25:48
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Ok what about space driven games souly based in space and no combat what so ever on ground, ok now picture that with drop dead graphics that will really bring realism to reality and keep a complex yet simple game play so you dont get bored in like 5 mins of playing it and the game is in a free roaming environment what will really bring out the word gaming and bring it to a new level. I mean really thats what we need right, a game that will change the way we look at games on consoles too ok not just on the computer, see thats the vision I have for games as I am working on a game myself and trying my best to make shure that the community feels right at home when they play my game and not get bored in 5mins and pass through levels and say oh wow I wonder whats next. As players gain new lvl's in the game I want them to be on the ends of their seats and having fun wile playing.

So thats what I'm talking about when I say games the bring realism out of the screen and right into your lap, so can anybody give me what they think should happen to the games online other then my suggestion?
By Admin on 2008-07-13 13:07:19
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You might want to look at StarWarp. It is a bunch of friends working on it and it sounds something like what you want.
By nick on 2009-08-20 18:22:06
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i'd personally like to see a game like battlefield 2010 where you get a bunch of pieces so that you can make your own units (god i loved that game) it'd be even cooler to be able to do that in a mmo

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