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Topic: ICTX Development team accepting/ hiring, and CTX : POC

By [ICTX]Tartarus on 2008-02-20 00:31:24
Homepage: email:dannymartn at aol dot com
ICTX is a developing team that is known for modding Halo PC, battlefield 2, battlefield 2142, and other small feats such as many series of movies. ICTX is also known among members and ex members alike for the tight knit teamwork emphasis we have with our members. Keeping in mind that many people like to work alone, we also have those members who only go through the directors and myself.

Right now ICTX is developing an MMORTS called ChaoTiX: Planet of Conflict. More info can be found at The game is set in the future where the home of terran explorers becomes cut off from earth. They begin infighting and their home becomes their planet of conflict. More info can be found at the site,

ICTX needs alot of help to complete this project, and depending on how important the job is, we may pay for it. There are many paying and non paying jobs available, such as concept artists, writers, voice actors, 3d modelers, and musicians. If you want to help out or submit anything, head over to

Look forward to seeing you!


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