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Article: Dawn of Fantasy

By DethKlok on 2012-06-17 14:14:39
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I recently Purchased Dawn Of Fantasy, for $25, at first i was very excited to start playing this game, it had everything i was looking for in an mmorts. but everything started going down hill. I bought it, spend 2 hours waiting for it to download, then bam! failure to install.. re-downloaded, about 4 times (8 hours) then found in their forums to download it from some random website i have never heard of, that worked. so i started playing.. and WOW! this game is the biggest piece of crap i have ever played. the graphics look like they hired a 3 year old to come in and design it, which i might add LAGS terribly, even on my very fast computer. the online play is not very online like i figured it would be, you cant take towns or destroy peoples citys, your in your own instance (like Empire Online) and the only thing you can do is seige other players. The city-building part of the game consists of no free play on your part, you must place building where you want them and the walls are already pre-designed for you. The game costs $25-$30 and there is an option to BUY more "GEMS" or "Wealth" as they call it, which is stupid, cause i already wasted enough money on this sorry excuse for a game. I even saw people In-Game talking about how the game was released to early because of their publisher. which explains all the bugs and faults in this game. I suggest saving your money and not wasting your time on this game.

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