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Article: Review: TA SPRING - a 100% free open-source mmorts

By Joos on 2010-04-09 23:36:35
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I'm not a casual reader but a hardcore TA SPRING player; been playing it for over 2 years and became a total addict.
I just found this site and am shocked to not see TA SPRING reviewed or even listed, so here goes:

TA SPRING is a game engine on which many 'mods' can be coded. It started as an evolution of Total Annihilation and some mods still adhere to TA concepts, while others are completely new games.

This review is for the popular TA offspring mods which make most games on spring server:

This game is developed by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers.
The battlefield scale is limited only by your hardware, which makes for epic battles of thousands of units, all fully rendered along with the 3D map itself. Server allows for up to 16 players playing in 2-16 teams in each battle.
The true power of spring is game design. Some mods focus on strategic decisions and some on tactical skills, but all offer a huge selection of units and tactics, all carefully balanced devs playing their own game with real gamers for years.
The skill progress attainable in this game overwhelms any other RTS Iv'e played. 2 years and still learning, whenever a 'perfect' strategy is found an update is released. There has been over 4000 versions last 2 years and many thousands of maps.

This is a HARDCORE game, the learning curve is hard, for the first few months you will be a deadweight in any team and be yelled at and destroyed, be prepared ;)

By microAlexx on 2010-10-29 12:51:05
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TA Sring is not listed since it's not a MMO :)

But it's a great game, even if my heart stay to the orginal TA game.

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