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Article: My Evony review

By Petar Stojanov on 2009-08-30 11:08:05
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[Ed. This poster is associated with Evony. I've removed affiliate links from this review. Please take what is written here with a grain of salt.]


I have been playing Evony for almost two months now (and let me tell you I rearly play a game that long) but I am already consumed by it. The game is an MMORTS , and I think also one of the best ones ever made. With it's nice design and easy to use features the game really gets to you , I would really recomend it to you if MMORTS is what you look for.


Your main game screen includes your town where you build your buildings , and where you do researches and stuff. On the righ side you have all the usefull menus and statistics you would need ( overview menu , and also resources , troops , heroes and fortifications statistics). In the top right corner you also have tabs. A tab for your town , a tab for your city and a tab for the map.
The city is where you build farms, mines and such. They determine your main resource income. The map is where you can see all the castles in your server or world. Each and every one has it's spesific coordinates. You can also see valleys ( lakes , deserts etc. ) and flats , which you can conquer as soon as you develop and grow stronger.

Pros and Cons

Well since I am so into the game , I will be able to give you quite a lot of the games good features , and not so much bad ones but still every game has them both.
First and most important , the game is very easy to understand and to play. I became one of the first 100 players in a week. It has a list of quests which you follow , and that way you learn the game fast and easy.
Second , the game does not allow people to look for each others coords and online status from a menu as most games do ( like BullFleet and Hanovete ) you must find your targets in the map , which takes a while.This also provides a good chance of survival for newbies and not so active players.
Third , new players are asked to join an alliance very quickly ( also getting into an alliance is a partof your quests ) , alliances are groups of people ( max of 100 ) which join forces in order to be more effective in the game, allainces battle over regions and territories. Once you are in , you will recieve all the help you need , resources advice and reinforcements.
One of the bad features is that the game is mainly in English. Though there are a lot of players from all around the world.

In-game Buildings and units
Buildings include
Cottages - these buildings are where your population settles , the more you have the bigger your population
Town Hall - this is the main building , it gives you an overview of most of your things
Barracks - this is where you train your troops
Academy - this is where you make all your researches , researches are not to be neglected as they can be really advancing.
There are other buildings as well , which you will discover during the game process.
Units include
Workers - they are used to transport resources , and they are needed in order to build new cities
Worriors - mostly used as meat shields , they are easy and cheap to train
Scouts - They do what they sound like , they are fast and are mostly used to scout your enemies
Archers - they are the main game unit , they are produced in hundreds of thousands and are one of the best weappons the game can provide
There are three types of troops , Infantry , Cavalry and Machinery.
You will see all of them in the game.

There are all sorts of strateiges which I will not explain. But there are some things you must know before you start playing. When you create an account you get a 7 days beginners protecion.During that time you must get into an alliance , also get a stable population , and also a stable resources income. At first you will need a lot of wood , later in the game you will also need food , in order to feed your troops. I suggest you do not focus on food too much becouse you can get food from plundering NPC's ( those are the computer players you will see on the map) These are the thing you must know from the start. Everything else will be explained to you once you get into an alliance , almost every alliance has it's own survival and combat strategies , which you could follow.

Other game features

For other things like heroes , medals , more strategies or info you can use all the forums that the game provides , also the guides which provides.

Game Cents
Well the game is mostly free , but you can also buy in game credit , which in evony is called Cents. The administrators in the game have given a lot of info on how to purchase them. They are used in the shop , where you can buy all sorts of items which can be also very helpful.Cents are also used on the " Whell of Fortune " it is like a roulette where you also get items.

For all of you who are interested please go to , I promise you will find even more than I have introduced here. For all of you future players , good luck.

By c69 on 2009-10-09 14:19:53
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Evony is just another Travian clone..

I have seen it from beta (when it was called Civony), and i can tell you why it shouldnt be considered by any gamer who respects himslef.

1) Lack of originality. 99% of things there already was in Travian or its rival Ikariam.

2) Money. You can buy EVERYTHING for money. Just buy coins, and you will get your resources, gear and whaever esle exists in the game. This means your actual skill does not matter at all here.

3) Very bad publicity. Game which is run by chinese gold farmers, who changed name because of copyright conflict, had soft-porn ads spammed around the whole internet, and even spamming wikipedia and MMO sites with spoof reviews or tutorials like 'Tip #1: Buy 50 gold coins with your credit card.'

Thanx, im not going neither to play that, nor pay them.
Especialy counting the fact that there are so many alternatives:
- Travian
- Ikariam
- Tribal Wars
- Khan Wars
- Imperion
By Corfal on 2009-10-30 00:45:26
Homepage: email:corfal dot hutref at gmail dot com
I totally agree that this is a spin off of Travian and Ikariam. Having played all three I easily connect the first to the last two.

I also don't recommend this game because it is the same as Travian (which has a better story line imo) and Ikariam. But if all you care of is the experience itself then the game (Evony) is sound.
By bah on 2011-01-17 21:09:27
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game takes no skill because you just get ganged by alliances or attacked during your sleep. It is impossible to play at a high level without sharing accounts or using bots. even then, there's no guarantee.

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