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Miranda, the one-of-a-kind sci-fi open-world RTS is in the @itchio Summer Sale with a huge 40% discount until 10pm June 26.


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Five people are building a space-based MMORTS Hades 9, they have a gameplay teaser out now.

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Emperor Cauto I was hailed as a saviour when he single-handedly ended years of pitched warfare with The Fallen. Now, forty generations later, the price of his treachery is finally coming due.

"When the explorer ships of Emperor Paine CXC came upon Miranda, it was not devoid of intelligent life. The indiginous species were unlike any creatures the Emperor's Ridiit had previously encountered. All attempts at communication were a disastrous failure. The Ridiit were unable even to determine what the natives called themselves. Reporting to the Emperor after an entire season of effort, the Ridiit described what would come to be known as the language of The Fallen, as the 'most subtle and complex form of communication ever encountered.' The Emperor took this as a personal affront to his divine nature and ordered the immediate extermination of The Fallen. Every one. The Fallen would not go so easily however, and a bitter conflict raged for nearly seven seasons as the Emperor's elite troops repeatedly failed to execute their Emperor's command. Then the Emperor was assassinated. And on the same day, The Fallen simply vanished from the face of Miranda. For a few days there were rumours that his successor, Emperor Cauto I had engineered Paine's demise and made some sort of deal with The Fallen. Then the rumourmongers mysteriously disappeared as well."

- Excerpt from The Mystery of The Fallen, 10681 Y.O.E.

The Return of The Fallen is the second major update to The Imperial Realm::Miranda, an open-world real-time strategy game now in Early Access on PC.

The Fallen are a new AI faction which adds to the two existing player factions: the Empire and the Independents. The Fallen provide new PvE challenges throughout Miranda's 400 square kilometer map.

"His Divine Eminence the Emperor has in his unlimited benevolence accepted the Independents pitiful pleas for mercy during this unprecedented period, and decreed the immediate establishment of the Blue Zone, temporarily suspending hostilities between Imperial and Independent forces in a small area of His realm. May His enemies hide there and prepare for their obliteration."

- Excerpt from The Record of Royal Decrees, 19 Painedays, 30696 Y.O.E.

The Blue Zone is a new map area where players can engage in PvE battles, safe from attacks by other players.

With the Return of The Fallen, Miranda's mysterious Monoliths have suddenly come to life, providing fast travel across Miranda for players who can discover their secret. Miranda's huge map also now features vendors, monoliths and points of interest to discover.

This update also adds Quadlasers, a new Mission, new Perks, new Achievements, new audio, larger initial component stocks, 40 bug fixes and 47 other changes.

The Return of The Fallen update will be available to play on December 22. Buy your copy of The Imperial Realm::Miranda today at or sign up for our mailing list.

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4x combined with the MMORTS genre. There's a YouTube video. More info at their website about their upcoming October alpha test.

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Secret Lair Games, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Nemesis Update to The Imperial Realm::Miranda, a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game in the tradition of Command and Conquer.


With a single click, Nemesis Mode pits teams of players against one another in PvP battles in Miranda's huge seamless open world. Annihilation, the first Nemesis mode, tasks players with destroying the other team's buildings and rewards them with loot and bonus XP. Additional Nemesis modes including Assassination, Slaughter, Claustrophobia and Greed will follow in future updates.

Other additions in this first Early Access update include a new Mission List, Foundation Extensions which allow placing buildings on nearly any terrain, a faster and prettier map on which to plan battles, new sound effects, improvements to vendors, and more. A full list of changes can be found on the game's blog.


Secret Lair Games also announced additions to several Early Access packages this week, the full details can be found at The Imperial Realm::Miranda is available from

By Michael Ferrier on 2017-08-30 12:22:32
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IronZog to relaunch the pioneering open world strategy game for PC, iOS and Android.

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An MMORTS where you control a single unit in an ongoing sandbox war.

More info:

Early Access Trailer

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From the website:

Beyond Dark is a space strategy unlike any other. MMO (massively multiplayer online), RTS (real-time strategy), always running (not turn-based), 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) where you seek out planets, colonise, and use resources to build ships and fleets. Defend what is yours and try to conquer and hold part of the immense galaxy!

The galaxy is almost infinite in size (millions of planets) and with all players in the same galaxy. You can also create private games for you and your friends in smaller arenas and adjust many gameplay parameters.


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After seven years in development, Secret Lair Games' seamless open world real time strategy game The Imperial Realm::Miranda is now available for Early Access.

"When World of Warcraft came out in 2004, I was amazed by its huge world and immediately thought how fun it would be to play an RTS in a giant open world like that. I never imagined it would take 13 years for someone to make that game, or that I'd be theone to do it." - Robert Basler, lead developer.

To introduce players to the harsh challenges of Miranda's desolate environment, Secret Lair Games teamed with veteran composer and sound designer Benedict Nichols on an exciting new gameplay trailer.

Secret Lair Games will be holding a celebration play test weekend May 12-14 for all of its earliest Early Access supporters. The test weekend will run from Friday at 8pm to Sunday at midnight (GMT). Early Access packages start at just $5 and are available from


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There will also be a new gameplay trailer and all the details on the available packages.

If you think a huge open world multiplayer RTS sounds like something you'd like to play, I hope you will support The Imperial Realm::Miranda.



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Game will be released in just 2 days. It can truly be seen as an MMO.
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Is that a Tesla coil I can see? Totally Hyped
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Oh that's awesome, Beyond Protocol used the same building art. That's the danger of using stock art. Thanks for letting me know, I'll see if I can make it a ...
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game looks really similar to beyond protocol.
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Hi Dondergod, I can certainly answer them for you...

1) When you go offline, your buildings and units disappear after 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds you ...
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